Broadcast quality live feed exchange
over the internet

No Carriage Fee Unlimited Usage
1 Second End-To-End Latency Encode : Transport : Decode
Self-Managed Network Intuitive Central Web Portal
24/7 Technical Support Telephone, Email


Live feed exchange

  • HD/SDI live feed exchange
  • Multiple concurrent network segments supported
  • Satellite multicast
  • VSAT integration
  • Terrestrial multicast over private networks (IGMP2/3 compatible)
  • Internet delivery over public networks

Introducing closed captioning fully supports standards for 608/708 VANC closed captioning


server box image
server box image
server box image VOD Server

  • HP Proliant DL120 Gen9
  • Xeon processor
  • 8GB RAM
  • HD/SD SDI video input and output 1TB Hard Disk

Video Card I/O

  • Decklink 4K extreme SDI or Bluefish 444 epoch


  • Windows
  • LEADTOOLS codec library


Turnkey Hardware Solution

  • Encode/Decode - Exchange feeds in either direction
  • HD/SDI video 1080i or 720p
  • VANC 605/705 captioning
  • Robust, Secure Transport Protocol

    • Adjustable packet-level FEC
    • Speculative packet retransmission
    • 128 bit AES encryption is accessed via a web interface over a public network for ease of operation. Recommended minimum bandwidth of 10 Mbps at both sites.
    Operational performance tested latency of ~1.0 sec for HD live feeds.

    Dual Operating Modes

    Live Mode

    • Point to Point
    • Point to Multipoint
    • One second end-to-end latency (encode, transport, decode)
    • 608/708 Closed Captioning
    • Ideal for live broadcasts or talkback interviews

    Recording Mode

    • TCP/IP protocol
    • Firewall friendly (TCP port 80 outbound only)
    • Extended buffering (12 second latency) provides truly lossless Video delivery
    • Pristine Video… every time
    • Ideal for playback/record operation

    Our Clients

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    Why Inet.Live?

    • Top quality – best of breed h.265 encoding
    • Low latency – encode, transport, and decode in 1 second.
    • Lossless Mode for Broadcast Video recording – pristine video… every time
    • Robust and reliable transport
    • Secure – 128 bit encryption
    • No carriage fees
    • Highly Scalable Solution
    • Centralized command and control over any number of sites
    • Automated Scheduling
    • Traverse multiple network segments during delivery.
    • 24/7 Technical Support

    Simply the most reliable, cost effective solution to propagating broadcast quality live video over the Internet today… hands down

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