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No carriage fees
Unlimited Usage
Low Latency
1 Second End-to-End Latency

Encode : Transport : Decode

Self-Managed Network
Intuitive Central Web Portal
24/7 Technical Support
Telephone, Email
Proprietary iNet Video Transport Protocol
  • Multiple integrated error correction techniques
  • Dual channel delivery support
  • Ultra Low latency
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Up to 12 9s of reliability
Intelligent Global Infrastructure
  • Self healing network
  • Segmented last mile error correction
  • High level routing around troubled areas of the internet
  • Dual channel path independence – no single point of failure
iNet Gateway Appliance
  • Best of breed commercial components
  • Desktop or rackmount options
  • Support for external third-party equipment (encoders, decoders, cameras)
  • Onboard HD/SDI capabilities up to 4 encode/decode
  • Secure – no open inbound firewall ports
  • Appliance cost included in monthly service fee (no Capex)